Putting Ed Dale’s 30 Day Challenge on trial

I’ve just signed up for Ed Dale’s 30 Day Challenge. It claims to be free but I know that it is basically a 30 day sales letter (I’ve taken it before) so I’m going to post whatever he sends me on this blog.

Let’s see how many days will go by before Ed Dale spams me and tries to sell me something.

I’m expecting Ed Dale to try and bully me with a DMCA or some other kind of threat once I post his spam for all to see. If that happens and WordPress decides to sell me out to Ed Dale then I have a backup copy that will allow me to start over within seconds.


About eddalescam

Ed Dale Scam is a blog about internet marketer Ed Dale. Day by day Ed Dale and his affiliates will be investigated thoroughly and the results published to help prove what this author already knows. Ed Dale and his affiliates are the most loathsome group of con artists you could ever have the misfortune to encounter.
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7 Responses to Putting Ed Dale’s 30 Day Challenge on trial

  1. T. Rolle says:

    Sounds like you’ve got a good handle on this.

    Oh wait, except for the “post copyrighted material and expect WordPress to not follow their own rules” part.

    They aren’t selling you out, you dumbass, they’re following the law. Scam or not, the 30 Day Challenge content is copyrighted and you don’t own the copyright. Just like you don’t own much of a brain, apparently.

    It’s too bad that people like you make the whole “exposing the scams” niche look like it’s full of ranting morons. Salty Droid is doing some good reporting, it’s too bad you can’t follow his lead.

    • eddalescam says:

      You’ve changed your IP address for a proxy. How entertaining. But you dropped the ball when you left the first comment along with your Australian IP address you idiot.

      Copyrighted material? Ed Dale won’t DMCA anyone because he knows it leaves him exposed to all kinds of stuff. Legal stuff.

      You calling me anonymous? What about you, coward?

      You see, *******, you have no idea who you and your boyfriend are dealing with. This blog is just the tip of a very big iceberg.

      • T. Rolle says:

        I hate to tell you this, but the Australian IP address must have been from the proxy too. I’m not in Australia and have never been there.

        But here’s a question for you… Why did I feel the urge to mask my IP that time? I’m not really surprised you haven’t figured it all out yet, but I know you haven’t because you would have said something. It’s just too good for you to pass up 😉

        First this… “I’m expecting Ed Dale to try and bully me with a DMCA or some other kind of threat once I post his spam for all to see.”

        Then this… “Ed Dale won’t DMCA anyone because he knows it leaves him exposed to all kinds of stuff. Legal stuff.”

        Do you actually think about what you’re posting or do you just let the shit flow???

        “You calling me anonymous?”

        Umm, not in this particular comment. I’m calling you a moron. I’m pretty sure they’re two different things. Although they do both apply here.

        “What about you, coward?”

        Still haven’t worked it out, have you? If you persist in proving your stupidity, I might just spell it all out for you sometime.

        “This blog is just the tip of a very big iceberg.”

        Now you’ve got me curious whether you’re actually delusional or just a complete fool.

      • eddalescam says:

        You think I’m going to show my hand? I know who you are and I’ll expose you as a liar and a fraud when I decide to.

        Tip of the iceberg.

        Funniest thing? You claim to be not scared yet you keep showing up here leaving comments, switching IP addresses. Get some new diapers ready. You’re gonna need them.

      • eddalescam says:

        Your Facebook account is a mine of information. I bet you wished that you used a proxy first time around.

        How do I know you didn’t use a proxy first time around? Your first two comments both had the same IP address putting you squarely in Australia. Then, once I outed you, you put your proxy in place and your last comment appeared to have come from Poland.

        I especially love the way you say things like “Still haven’t worked it out, have you? If you persist in proving your stupidity, I might just spell it all out for you sometime.” as if you are going to come out and tell everyone who you are. You’re a coward, a liar and a shill for Ed Dale. Payback time you douche.

  2. C. Christina says:

    Hello. I see that this blog appears to no longer be updated, but I wanted to post an email sent by Ed Dale last year regarding the 30 Day Challenge.

    C. Christina

    from: Ed Dale challengehelp@gmail.com via aweber.com
    to: C Christina
    date: Fri, Jul 9, 2010 at 10:04 AM
    subject: Pre Challenge Training: The Disclaimer Video
    mailed-by: smtp-03.aweber.com
    Hi C,

    Today’s Disclaimer video outlines the boundaries of The Challenge,
    so there are no nasty surprises. You can rest assured The
    Challenge is what we say it is.


    In the video I give an overview of our 3rd Party Supplier agreements
    and what they mean for you. I’ll say here and now – you will NOT be
    forced to buy anything.

    I address what sort of outlay you can expect (all of $20 USD max!).
    While The Challenge training is free, there are two areas where you
    will need to make an investment.

    Please don’t go out and spend anything until we get to that lesson,
    at which point you’ll be guided on how to get the best bang for
    your (nominal) bucks.

    I also cover off our policy on Promotions during The Challenge.
    Due to the change in time required, there is a change in that
    policy with all details clearly spelled out in this video.

    I also invite you to exercise your free will to unsubscribe if
    you aren’t happy with the promotional emails you receive. No one
    wants you to be here if you are not happy even though we are doing
    our very best to make it the best online experience possible
    for you!

    I hope this video makes everything crystal clear, as we believe
    in absolute transparency. We also appreciate that there are a lot
    of offers that seem too good to be true, and often are. We want to
    make it very obvious as to what our intentions are with The

    What The Challenge is really about is teaching you the foundations
    of creating a profitable online business by thoroughly researching
    a keyword phrase, building a website and testing the traffic and
    conversion potential of that keyword.

    But that’s jumping ahead 😉

    Talk soon,
    Ed Dale
    Marillion Partnership

    • eddalescam says:

      Wrong. When you subscribe to Ed and Dan’s magic spam list you get sent spam selling hosting and all other kinds of junk that have been outed as scams. Kajabi, for instance.

      Ed Dale is a liar and a con man. As is anyone who helps him. Including you, C. Christina.

      I’ll prove it with just 2 questions.

      1. Is Kajabi (a product that Ed Dale promotes as part of the challenge) a scam? Yes or no.
      2. Is Ed Dale part of the syndicate that includes Frank Kern and other high profile con men? Yes or no.

      $100 says you won’t answer.

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